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This is a list of desktop computers that TPL gaming is currently offering.As you can see, we have some major brand name pieces of hardware inside these beast machines. Feel free to do some research on these machines and even give us some feedback at

This is not a real site to purchase computers. This is just a test site.

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The Beta Gaming Machine           
Rlue Ray Player
Rosewill case
AMD Phenom 3.3ghz processor w/
 MSI 890 fxa motherboard
1TB 7200 RPM
Corsair Vengence 8GB
Nvidia geforce GTX 550 1GB Video card
600w Power supply


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The Alpha Gaming Machine    Blue Ray Player
Raidmax Smilodon case
Asus GTX 550 1GB Video card
I7 3.06 quad core processor
Asus 1366 intel Motherboard
2T Hard drive
G Skill 16GB Ram
HT Omega Sound card
600w Power supply                     $1199.99


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The Omega Machine               Blue Ray Player
Phantom NZXT Case
MSI geforce GTX 560 1GB
Ramp III Black motherboard
I7 3.06 Quad core processor
16GB Solid State Drive
300gb 10000 RPM Hard Drive
G Skill 16gb ram
Delta 44 Audio card
750w power supply